Going Deeper into the Conversation

5 week pregnancy course

Pregnancy courses - small groups online and in person
  • 5-week course that covers your pregnancy journey.
  • + 1 New Parents Social
  • 2 hour long interactive classes
  • Groups of maximum 10 people
  • Receive a booklet that will support you throughout your journey and deepen into the contents explored in each class.
  • Allocated time in each session for solving questions with Jenny every class, ensuring you receive support and continuity.
  •  3 birth rehearsals: Explore different approaches for labour and birth (holistic birth, natural caesarean & induction of labour).
  • Develop throughout the classes a toolkit that speaks to your own pregnancy.

Creating a comfortable birth environment, explore:

  • Visualisations
  • Rituals, movements and positions for labour & birth
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Snuggly bits (comfort items)

Whether you are taking a course online or in person, in our last session we organise a New Parents Social, creating an opportunity for sharing and connecting.

Hi, I’m Jenny Smith

I’m a midwife with 35+ years of experience, I’ve been a clinical midwife for the NHS, a private midwife and have extensive experience in all types of pregnancy and birth. I was co-author of the “Natural Gentle approach” to Caesarean, author of the book Your Body, Your Baby, Your Birth, and the founder of JentleChildbirth Foundation Charity. I also regularly lecture and write for midwifery journals. 

I will be with you in the 5-week pregnancy course. My goal is to guide, empower, and prepare women and their partners for the beautiful and transformative journey of pregnancy, birth, and parenthood.

Jenny Smith will guide you through this antenatal course

Upcoming Courses

We plan each of our courses with care & to prepare you for your new journey

In Person

Pregnancy Course


5-week pregnancy course. (2 hour sessions)

19th April

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5-week pregnancy course. (2 hour sessions)

24th May

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5-week pregnancy course. (2 hour sessions)

28th June

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Online (LIVE)

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Why Choose BirthContinua?

Courses that offer expertise and continuity

Small personal groups that allow going deeper into the conversation

Mind-Uterus connection approach

Comprehensive planning and toolkit for your own pregnancy

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Mum holding newborn baby