birth is a seamless continuum which connects a “string of mothers” throughout generations

A welcome message from Jenny Smith

As a one to one midwife in the NHS for many years I now wish to focus on empowering women for birth by adopting a new approach to antenatal preparation: Birth Wrap. These classes prepare you in layers for birth and beyond.

My classes will help you to connect your head to your uterus by walking hand in hand with you through a collection of conversations and classes in preparation for birth.

The focus will be to prepare you both physically and mentally for parenthood by helping you prepare your “utopia birth plan” but also prepare you to expect the unexpected in case something changes with you or baby along the way.

Particular focus will be on skin to skin and "the womb on the outside".

Birth conversations aim to discuss the reality of birth and beyond and nurturing your baby in the “pink bubble” and discussing how baby becomes so special and changes the rich tapestry of your life.

To find out more about my birth wrap classes, please visit my services page or get in touch.