About Jenny

Jenny Smith is a clinical NHS and private midwife with 35+ years of experience, throughout her career she has worked in various settings, including hospitals, communities and home births. Jenny has played a pivotal role in transforming birth environments on mainstream labour wards, bringing awareness to the impact that infrastructure and buildings have on the culture of birth for families and the professional teams who support them; coining the term “Maternity Architecture”.

Jenny has received awards for her work and has lectured widely in UK and abroad. She is the author of Your Body, Your Baby, Your Birth and co-author of the Natural Caesarean: A Women Centred Technique paper.

Jenny is also the founder of the Jentle Childbirth Foundation charity, through which she has imparted talks in the UK and internationally, funded brith wards, and produced three different films about birth. <

In 2017, Jenny established BirthContinua with the goal to guide, empower, and prepare parents to be for the beautiful and transformative journey of pregnancy, birth, and parenthood.

Jenny Smith, Midwife delivering 5 week antenatal courses

Books and publications

Your Body, Your baby, Your Birth
By Jenny Smith

“I cannot rate this book highly enough. All parents-to-be need acopy.”
– Gabby Logan

Your Body, Your Baby, Your Birth was a culmination of many conversations with women who then empowered me to write this book. The book covers the full spectrum of early pregnancy to birth, and the early post birth weeks. Even reading it now myself I have so many memories of all the wonderful collabora- tions and hold beautiful images of the wonderful mothers, fathers and babies.

The Natural Caesarian: a woman-centred technique

By Jenny Smith, Felicity Plaat and Nick Fisk
This revolutionary technique has been adopted globally. It promotes a natural approach to caesarean birth; which mimics aspects of vaginal birth by allowing parents to be active partici- pants by vewing their baby’s birth and having skin-to-skin contact directly after delivery.

There’s No Such Thing As Naughty
By Kate Silverton

“Kate’s pioneering, invaluable parenting book … takes you on a journey in how to encourage and support your baby and child’s brain development in the early years and beyond.”
– Jenny Smith

In There’s No Such Thing As ‘Naughty’, mum to two young children, journalist and children’s mental health advocate Kate Silverton shares her groundbreaking new approach to parent- ing under-fives that helps to make family life so much easier and certainly a lot more fun! .

Jenny belives parenting starts in the womb and knows the importance of developing positive psychological relationships during pregancy, birth and beyond.

Why Choose BirthContinua?

  1. Going deeper into the conversation: Each class is meticulously designed to prepare you step-by-step, layer-by-layer for birth and beyond. By the end, you’ll feel confident, informed, and ready for the big day and the many days that follow.

  2. Expertise and continuity: Our courses are delivered by Jenny Smith, midwife with 35+ years of experience, publications under her belt, and years of preparing moms for what’s to come. Jenny will be each week of the course with you, answering your questions, and providing continuous support for your personal journey in this course.

  3. Connecting Mind & Uterus: Our classes aim to promote a profound connection between your mind and body. Focusing on the head to uterus relationship and ensuring that you’re mentally and emotion- ally in sync with your physical experience.

  4. Personal Conversations: Beyond just preparing for birth, our birth conversations explore the realities of life after birth. We discuss the joy, the challenges, and the extraordinary ways in which your baby enriches the tapestry of your existence.

  5. Comprehensive Planning: While dreaming and designing your “utopia birth plan” is essential, we are also aware that surprises arrive, and ensure that you are equipped for the unexpected.

  6. Emphasis on Intimacy: The magical moments of skin-to-skin contact and the concept of “the womb on the outside” are close to our hearts. We delve into these essential aspects to ensure a smooth transi- tion for your baby from the inside world to the outside.
Mum placing hands over tummy and connecting with baby