In person 7-week pregnancy course
This course will guide you in your pregnancy journey and give you the tools to make informed decisions. It will offer a deeper understanding and prepare you for all types of birth.

This course includes:

  • 7 week course covering your pregnancy journey (2h sessions)
  • Course delivered by Jenny Smith; specialist in the field with 35+ years of experience.
  • Small groups of maximum 10 attendees; ensuring personalised support.
  • New Parents Social in our last session to share and connect with other new parents.
  • Course booklet, with exercises, reflections and tips to support you during this journey.
  • Class recordings in case you miss a day.


This session will explore the early stages of pregnancy and how to promote wellbeing for yourself and baby. It will give you an understanding of what to expect during your pregnancy.

Jenny offers a holistic approach throughout; discussing your choices and expectations of maternity care. All journeys are different, and Jenny will guide and support you in planning your personal journey.

This session is a practical class that will explore the importance of the head-uterus connection. Jenny will suggest helpful breathing techniques, movement and positions that can support your mind and body during pregnancy and birth .

This class will prepare you for all aspects of planning a spontaneous vaginal birth. It will not be “taking your baby out and putting it back inside”, but it will walk you through the stages of labour as realistically as possible, suggesting comfort measures, positions and a “You can do it!” approach, which is applicable to all births.

As co-author of Natural Caesarean: A Woman Centred Technique, Jenny has campaigned for family centred caesareans for many years. Jenny will “hold you by the hand” during this session, offering practical support, suggestions, and a step by step approach to achieving a beautiful natural caesarean birth.

Around 1 in 3 women will be recommended to have an induction. This session will go deeper into the conversation about all methods of induction, highlighting the process, but also discussing your individual choices to personalise your care and experience.

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This session focuses on the importance of the early days, recovering from the birth and building the relationship with your baby. Jenny will walk you through the important practicalities of looking after your baby and yourself.

This session aims to bring the new-parents group together, celebrating the birth of your babies, sharing your experiences, and building a supportive community.

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