Terms and conditions

Please review our course terms before enrolling. By booking a course, you agree to the following:

The course fee, as listed on our website, must be paid in advance via Stripe or Direct Bank Transfer (Contact us via email for bank details if you prefer the latter option).

Course details are available on our website’s Courses page. We reserve the right to modify content if necessary and will inform you whether the course will be held virtually or in-person. In case of unforeseen circumstances preventing in-person sessions, we may conduct the course virtually and will notify you accordingly.

The course instructor, Jenny Smith, is a qualified health professional. While we offer educational guidance, it does not substitute advice from your medical team. All materials provided are for general information only, and any medical concerns should be directed to your medical team.
We are not liable for decisions made based on course information or materials, nor for issues with hosting venues.

In exceptional cases necessitating rescheduling, we’ll endeavour to find an alternative or issue refunds for cancelled sessions. If the minimum participant requirement is not met, we reserve the right to cancel and refund the course.

Refunds are not provided unless:

  1. You miss the entire course due to medical reasons supported by a letter from your medical team.
  2. Birth Continua permits cancellation, subject to a £25 administration fee.

Completion of the course before reaching 37 weeks of pregnancy is advised. Refunds are not given if your baby is born before 37 weeks and you’re unable to attend remaining sessions. Catch-up sessions are arranged for missed sessions due to medical reasons, but refunds are not provided for started courses.

We may capture photos/videos during courses and reunions for promotional purposes. If you
prefer not to be included, please email us at jennybirthcontinua@gmail.com.
These terms supplement our Website Terms and are governed by English and Welsh law.